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goodbye marion crane

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in a sad bit of news, janet leigh has died.

it's because of janet leigh (and alfred hitchcock) that my friend adrienne had to bleach her hair brittle brittle platinum, be stabbed by my friend max with a knife made out of aluminun foil, and then be doused with ketchup. in jennifer hausle's basement guest bedroom we filmed weekend after weekend, and on the day we finally shot the murder scene the smell of the ketchup crusting over on itself on her costume made all of us nauseous. i've still got the tapes. one day i'll edit the whole video together.

in janet's honor, all today's pics will be black and white.

dad was in town yesterday to perform magic in battery park city. was great to see him.

there were germans there.

hot germans.

random subway pic

4 responses to “goodbye marion crane”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Your pics are always great. I enjoy looking at them. I would enjoy seeing more with less:)

  2. Blogger j 

    you want more pics with less.. what?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    more hot germans (or the like) with less on:)

  4. Blogger j 

    believe me, i'd like to put more pics like that too. any volunteers?


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