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apparently i'm boring

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mr. dolan says my blog is boring and lame.

yeah. well. so. um.

is not.

3 responses to “apparently i'm boring”

  1. Blogger Jackie 

    you're kidding, right? you better be. who is this mr. dolan. if you're not kidding, i'm going to kick his LAME fucking ass. ufa kefe mr. dolan!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Joe, you are not boring. Love to hear about your advances as an actor in New York. I wanted to be an actor on Broadway when i was in high school, but Mother Nature chose to give me Rhumatoid Arthritis,i can never carry out my dream, but you can. I read your blog everyday, and i root for you, you will make it Joey,.........The only thing i would like to hear are your comments on the nightly American Idol tryouts, sooo hilarous, the queens who think they are so good. Joey, i am gay, and i know a good singer, but they people are so off track. Please responde soon, Wally, Indiana.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'm right there with "Wally, Indiana", Joe. I log in usually about twice a week and enjoy following your career progress - and reading your ultra liberal views, et al! :)

    Truth is, though, that I was first driven to your site 2 years or so ago in my quest to "get the deal" on Clay! I'm looking forward to reading your views on this year's batch of A.I. boys and girls - especially the cute blond boy who was likened to Clay by Simon last week!

    Boring?? Not by a long shot!

    NY, NY.

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