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with all our obsessing to look younger, when a role presented itself which might require me to look older, i was perfectly willing to point out all the flaws that might allow me to play the role - my graying hair, my weathered face, etc. actors are whores. it also reinforces the importance of having a headshot the really looks like 'you,' not necessarily the 'ideal you.' when we held auditions last year it was so disappointing to see people walk in the door and wonder 'um.. now where is the super hot guy/girl in this picture?' i need to get, as my agent said, an 'edgy' picture.

have you seen 'unscripted?' it's wonderful. heartbreaking - and at times annoying. the main characters are taking a method acting class, which irritates me to no end. it's one of those howard fine 'think about your dead puppy until you cry' schools of acting. at least frank langella plays a much more interesting and credible teacher - and also a flawed one. but its depiction of the realities of the business are so true to life; the standing around in the background of the set, having half hearted conversations with the stars, hoping they like you, watching them shake their heads at your inexperience, the always present urge to lie on your resume, the urge to sabotage your 'friends' who are up for the same part, the experience of being subtly sabotaged yourself.. you can feel the show is informed by george clooney's experience having been in failed series after failed series after failed series. even watching jennifer hall practice her monologue in her apartment is spot-on. and that these actors are essentially playing themselves - well, not truly themselves, but they are playing characters with their same names and status in the business while simultaneously functioning in the 'real' world of acting - bryan has really been on 'boston public' and 'smallville'.. and when he's doing background on 'er,' he's really doing background on 'er.'

our casting call has gone out and it's so interesting to see the plethora of people who immediately reply - and the variations of submissions that come in. some of these poor people are so misguided. it's quite an education. just by looking at 100 or 200 photos and resumes i can't stress enough the importance of having a professional looking picture - the importance of being 'classy.' beyond being really hot or sexy or whatever, a classy presentation stands out far and above the rest. it says immediately, 'i'm serious about this business, and i take the opportunity to work with you seriously.' some of these people are nyu grads submitting cropped party pictures as their headshots! the cutesy tricks scream amateurism - it's akin to dressing like harry potter for your american idol audition. to you want to be remembered or do you want to get cast?

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