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hiring a stage manager. meeting with the director. meeting with the writer. find a costume designer. find a casting director. set an audition date. place the audition ad. locate audition space. promise people money. find money.

thanks for the encouragement, everyone. and yes, i will defer use of fan fucking tastic to mr dolan. it was a pleasure finally meeting after two years of blogging. but hmm. i don't really remember being 'felt up.' was i drunk? or maybe i'm just so damn old now that i'm forgetting. you want me to steal your virginity? um. i'll have to track down the flat bed truck in maryland where you left it. oh! suhlam! (what you get for callin' me old, cracka)

biting the bullet and calling my old agent today. rrrgh. these things make me so nervous. which is why i've been putting it off for like months.

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  1. Blogger Jackie 

    i just have to say that i feel you on the phone call thing. do you know that i have a LIST of people (as in stores, important contacts, etc.) to call but am too scared???!!! what a loser, huh! it annoys me that i'm so lame. anyway, i hope you succeed at calling. i have no advice and even if i did, i shouldn't even be the one talking...

    hope to see you soon! oh & i finally saw 'sideways.' did you?

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