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oh yes, clay aiken is a top.

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happy new year.

i went to the roxy on new years. crazy scene. had fun. took me back to the good ol' college days. don't ask what i did.

anway, met a guy there who has slept with clay aiken. and i believe his story. it's specific and detailed, and i am satisfied. and i'm sure you all know that i am one skeptical mofo. and clay's a top, which is maybe the most unbelievable news of all. i'll still hold onto the belief that he was just 'trying something new.'

now the bitch needs to come out of the closet, and all you teenage girls and soccer moms gotta wake up and face reality: clay aiken puts it inside boys. the end.

went home for the break. went skiing, which was awesome. will post pics.

it's a new year, which means finding arbitrary fuel for new ambitions. hey, arbitrary is fine as long as it's fuel. i turn 30 this year which means (according to my junior high school plan) that if i don't win an oscar in march, i'm jumping off the brooklyn bridge. since my nike commercial is not a contender, it looks like i'll need to take some swimming lessons. maybe i should take out an ad in variety, 'for your consideration: joe larue as 'the runner.''

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    now...are you SURE this guy from NC wasn't just telling you what he thought you wanted to hear? And if you are, how do we get those detailed specifics?! hehe!

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