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rrgh, missed my newest obsession - project runway. loved the first episode in which designer's creativity is pitched against each other.. much more interesting than the judging criteria on the modeling shows where final photo seem to be chosen arbitrarily, and judgement of the models really seems to amount to more of a judgement of the photographer. here, the model is secondary to the clothes, and just like good acting can help good writing, but can never save it - here the models assist in pulling off the clothes, but ultimately, it's the skill of the designers that makes or breaks the parade.

it would be interesting to do a similar program pitting photographers against each other - and they would all have to shoot the same model..

anyway, toss in your requisite stock reality characters, make most of them gay men, and you have a very fun show.

thank god daniel was trashed in the first episode, right along with his trash bag dress. i wonder if he watched the first episode and thought 'oh my god.. i'm so pretentios, i had no idea!' or if he thought 'those fuckers edited me to look bad!' he can start a club with omarosa and that psycho chick from 'action hero.' at least the producers were kind enough not to spare him for the sake of the inevitable drama he could bring.

also saw 'dogville' this week. have you seen it? you have to. some people hate it. i loved it.

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