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50 years from now

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check out the 1954 popular mechanics vision of the future my dad sent me.

it has a steering wheel. apparently, we're supposed to be able to drive our houses now using the simple fortran language. or maybe it's to scroll through your mp3s.

kind of puts our own perspectives of the future in check. those scientists would shit to know that i looked at that picture on wireless highspeed internet on a 5lb back lit flat screen battery powered powerbook while lounging on the couch.

if anything it proves that technology moves at a faster rate than we can imagine. 50 years is an eternity. i'm sure in 50 years i'll be able to download my conscience into a synthetic body and live eternally in the interverse, powered by the simple fortran language.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I think we already somehow know we'll be living eternally and we probably know more about that than we realize. It's cool isn't it to realize how much we've come as man/womankind, yet how simple things really are in the "big picture" and how much we probably already know about "life" and "eternity" and just sometimes don't think much about it.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    It's a hoax.

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