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i'm a snot fountain this morning. ugh. started writing this post a week ago. then got busy. then got bored. then just didn't want to think about any of this stuff or the election for awhile.

hey annonny nonny (aka brick boy): it's all well and good. your breakdown of sexual orientation works on a simple hunger level - 'should i have the donut or not? i like donuts, but instead i will use self control and not have the donut. this makes me not a donut eater. tra la. the end.' you imagine that being gay holds similar weight.

but i implore you to try and understand that it goes far deeper than that. homosexuality is not a behavior. it goes to the core of identity. it speaks directly to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. it's difficult to get this point across, because you don't have a frame of reference for it. you only know your own experience. it's very easy to say 'if i did feel attraction to a man i would do such and such and such' when you don't have any experience of the crippling oppression so many of us experience while in the closet - especially those of us who subscribe to the 'moral' beliefs about sex and attraction being reserved only for heterosexuals. these are men who lead tortured, unhappy lives of deceit - never knowing or understanding the joy and potential of sex and love, having forced themselves to fit the antiquated society mold, lying to themselves and their families.

actually, one way that gay marriages will help straight marriages is by removing the need for closeted, self hating people to force themselves into unnatural relationships.

it's a tired analogy, but i'll repeat it again: think of it like left and right handedness. sure, lefties can cripple themselves writing with their right hands. it's a choice, right? so why don't they just choose to fit in with the rest of us? handedness is a morally irrelevant genetic predetermination. so is sexual orientation. tra la. the end.

it would be nice if the issue of choice wasn't an issue - it shouldn't be. we should all have the choice, and the choice (as well as the genetic predetermination) should be morally irrelevant. it's too bad that we do need evidence that homosexuality occurs naturally - as though its occurence in humans isn't evidence enough of this. when concrete evidence is found - i'm actually quite curious as to how the 'immoral choice' people will react. will they concede that homosexuality is natural, but then seek to find genetic 'cures,' or will they outright reject the evidence? (they do it so well with pollution and global warming)

what if a conservative mother's unborn baby tests positive for genetic gayness? would she believe the doctor? what if there was a gene therapy to increase the chances of the kid being straight? would she do it? hell, would i do it? if she did, she would be admitting that gayness is genetic. if she didn't, she's risking a life of convincing junior to choose trucks instead of barbies. will we see a future in which gayness is viewed as an unfortunate genetic affliction - like down syndrome?

scott sends this:

As with everyone else, I've been arguing this topic with evangelicals since the election. It seems there is only one solution with adequate support from both sides: strike "marriage" from all government related documentation (state sponsored marriage certificates, tax documents, etc). Effective immediately, no American citizen is married as far as the state is concerned. Consenting adult partners may freely obtain civil union licenses, gaining access to all rights and privileges with which marriage had hitherto been associated. Religious and tradition-minded couples seeking "marital" status could then go to the religious organization of their choosing. Evangelicals would be free to restrict same sex marriage within the confines of their church. The Episcopal and Unitarian churches would accept same sex marriages with open arms. Everybody's happy. Am I right?

yep. i think you're right. though not everyone is happy. the problem is that it won't appease those who want to abolish all forms of recognizing gay relationships - because that's the root and eventual goal of all this legislation. these people see anything granting recognition to gay relationships as tantamount to government approval of moral deviance. they won't rest until the universe is put back neatly into tidy boxes where all gay people have been 'rescued' from their immoral 'choice' and we can all be a happy heterosexual society.

in other news. i've been taking a lot of boxing and kickboxing classes. i go to two of the gayest gyms in the city to take these classes, and me and my friend neal are the only gay men in the class. we punch the bags with a room full of angry angry women and two other guys who are straight. what's up with that? it's the weirdest thing ever. that room should be packed with angry queens wanting to beat the shit out of each other.

3 responses to “that pesky bible”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hi - Anonymous Married Lady here again.

    I think the religious right folks don't really care if homosexuality is a choice or not. Ever listen to Dr. Laura Schlessinger? I used to several years ago, but finally couldn't take it any more. I don't know if she's even still around. If you've ever listened to her, you know that she regards herself as God's little right-hand lady. She seemed to really be struggling with the whole gay issue until her religious advisor (She needed an advisor? But she seems to know everything!) explained it to her this way, if I remember correctly: "God made all of us. He made straight people and gay people and thieves and pedophiles, etc. But if you are doing something that is morally wrong, then you must stop. We don't go around saying that since God made pedophiles the way they are, they should just accept themselves and continue to give in to their desires."

  2. Blogger brickboy 

    You might be surprised to know just how much I do understand about a variety of attractions and desires. You might be surprised to know I may know more than you think I know, but you might not agree with how I might deal with it if were inclinded to feel those ways.

    I'm not an in the closet type, nor am I the bible thumping judgemental type. I'm the type who has struggled with "God knows what all" and had to face my own situations and deal with each and every one on a dialy basis by choosing how I would respond vs react to the feelings that I have or don't have.

    I never said that the choice we have been talking about is like eating donuts. I have failed that test all too often:) However, I did say the choice to be gay or straight is a choice that has to be made by all people. Straight people make a choice to be loyal to one partner all day long when raging hormones and a hot secretary may drive one to do otherwise. The more one feeds that desire and lets the fantasies run wild, the more one might be inclined to act on them. Those fantasies that men have, be they for men or women, can be harnessed an controlled. Otherwise, we are throwing up our hands and saying we can invent electricity, discipline ourselves to look like "David", and go to the moon, but we can't control our sexual desires and must play them out on whomever and whenever we like.

    I'm saying I don't buy that argument. But I say that with real experience and with having worked this out in my mind because it's right for me. Not because it's right for you or anyone else. I think every man/woman has to work through those issues and come to terms.

    When you still have to question yourself, you know you still need to continue to think about it. Life is an evolution. Not just in the Darwin sense necessarily. I am not the same as I used to be. I have changed significantly from what I was when I was a young adult out of college and "lusty" (not just in a sexual sense) for life. I got "slapped" up side the face by reality a few times and it helped me make some of my decisions.

    In the same way, I'm sure I'll evolve my decisions and beliefs even more in the next 10-20 years. But the bottom line for me can I experience life and live it to the fullest and remain in a place that I believe is consistently ready to meet God.

    The question I would pose is - who really cares what anyone else thinks...not a Christian, not a priest, not a gay man, not a straight man...what is right for me before God? That is the one that really counts - and there is only one person in the whole world who can answer that question for me. ME. For you or anyone else, that person is YOU.

    By the way, I've lost over 20 lbs saying no to donuts and changed my eating habits this year. And, I'm real close to vegetarian. Growning up on a farm - who'd'a figured? Not me - and certainly not my meat eating parents. It wasn't right for me anymore.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    In reply to "Brickboy's" comment:
    'The question I would pose is - who really cares what anyone else thinks...not a Christian, not a priest, not a gay man, not a straight man...what is right for me before God? That is the one that really counts - and there is only one person in the whole world who can answer that question for me. ME. For you or anyone else, that person is YOU.'

    I agree. Each person should decide what feels right and comfortable for him/herself, and not have it dictated by other people trying to impose their religious beliefs on the entire world.

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