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is zefrank. not only is he a programming and design genius, he is a brilliant performer, musician, and maker of short films. and he lives like down the street from me. damn you zefrank for being straight. be sure to play the games 'christian,' 'buddhist,' and 'athiest,' and watch the films 'cause,' 'red alert,' and 'request.' brilliant. i love him. i'm going to start stalking him.

i discovered 'garage band' last night. i don't know why i hadn't played with it earlier - i've had my new computer for months now. i guess i assumed there wouldn't be much i could do with it without a midi keyboard. wrong wrong wrong. was up late last night in an orgiastic creative outburst. could have stayed up all night playing with the thing. it doesn't even sound half bad just using the tiny tiny microphone, literally the size of a pinhead, in my powerbook. but for it to be really great i just need a cable to hook up my keyboard and an external mike. it's very exciting to start writing music again. will post songs as they are completed..

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