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details of the reported clay aiken gay hookup will not be made public. the poor guy who took the bullet for all of us must be protected.

let me reiterate that the story rings true, was unsolicited, and volunteered without any knowledge of my past obsession with outing the lanky queerboy.

for the sake of google let me say: clay aiken is gay clay aiken is gay clay aiken is gay gay gay gay gay. thank you. the end.

saw 'closer' last night. fuckin' loved it. is there any greater genre than the 'cold, cruel, four character infidelity drama'? bravo natalie portman for proving that yes, you are brilliant, and that it was entirely george lucas' fault for your suckage in star wars.

also saw 'meet the fockers' on a bootleg dvd i bought on a street corner. the dvd is hilarious - you can hear the amateur cinematographer munching on popcorn and see little heads at the bottom of the screen like in mst3k. the colors are slightly muted, and the whole experience is like watching a documentary about going to a movie. even with the distractions, after half an hour, the story pulls you in and you forget what you're watching. pretty cool, really. movie was eh. frustrating mostly because of unmet potential.

this is eldora, where i went skiing over break with friends david and emily, where we went the last time i skiied with them, like, um, 20 years ago.

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