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it's time to change my life. it's time to throw open the shutters and beat the dusty rug out the balcony window like that little old italian woman in that cologne commercial.

this is gonna be the year folks, that's my promise to you. if you've been following my ups and downs and musings for the last several years (years! can you believe this, i've been blogging now for years!?) you'll be able to say you knew me when. you'll be one of those random people interviewed on 'best week ever' saying how lame i used to be and how i'd be occasionally entertaining.

i'm tired of lying in wait. waiting has made me tired. tiredness has made me lame. time to wake the hell up. will document my progress here as if you care.

production is going into full swing on my theatre company's next show, GOLDEN AGE. the show opens in march. will be fan fucking tastic.

have a couple auditions coming up. one this saturday. will practice. will ace the shit out of it.

have dvd's burned of my demo reel featuring last summer's nike commercial and the short film. will either re-sign with my old agent, or get a new agent from it. once signed, will not vanish into the ether.

have found strange new joy in drawing those little cartoons. will continue to make them the best i know how. am determined to have them published in some form. thank you to those who wrote requesting booklets - i really hope you like them! if you're feeling left out, please let me know. i'll send you one.

3 responses to “epiphany”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hey, check out the brand new . I just looked for 30 seconds, but it seems pretty cool and related to your new year's resolution.

    I hope you're not sore from the skiing... I went back on monday and, on my first run, fell hard on the big jump in the middle of the terrain park. My ass still hurts 2 days later.

  2. Blogger V. 

    Congratulations! Best of luck! I know you will be a superstar and definitely keep doing your brilliant cartoons.

    Also, "fan fucking tastic" is a registered JDO original. You can check my secret blog. You clearly get it from me.

    First you steal my heart, and now you steal my catchphrases.

    When will you steal my virginity?


  3. Blogger Luna Oliver 

    i've been saying i knew you when for years. and i'm baking on that slot on 'best week' for my 15 min of fame, so don't fuck it up for me. xo -s

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