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chris meloni naked

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once 'clay aiken gay' died down, that phrase generates more hits for my site than any other. and rightly so. looking for chris meloni naked? oz season 4, episode 6. now on dvd.

watched american idol. it really does amaze me how they can stretch thirty seconds of information into a full hour of television. 'you're out, you're in, you're out, you're in.' that's all the episode really was. i totally missed last week, so i don't have much background on these people. a lot of them sounded really strained in their final acapella auditions. that firecracker black lesbian with the hat and the mickey mouse voice? who's mother is going to eat the world if her daughter doesn't sell more records 'than any american idol in the history of american idol in the history of the world'? that girl is like scrappy doo.

a couple cute boys in the background. none of them were profiled. they must really suck. couldn't even tell if they were in the rooms that got passed through.

what is good, is that because they raised the age limit, there really is a better pool of talent. or at least the potential for a better pool. lets just hope they put the good people through.

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    who would have thought that????Regards, american idol auditions

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