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why mario vasquez is gay

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because his family knew nothing about the 'family reasons' he cited for dropping.

because he wears that hat cocked to one side.

because he was a bitch to me once at 'barrage' on 47th and 9th. oh. wait. sorry, that was jai rodriguez. sorry, i get them mixed up.

because i get him mixed up with jai rodriguez.

so mario, come the hell out to your family already, and use your ten seconds of media time to come out nationally. you got yourself out of the idol contract - which means you don't have to pretend you're 'just sensitive' while singing at shopping malls and then trolling for tricks on every night the way clay aiken does.

3 responses to “why mario vasquez is gay”

  1. Blogger Guru 

    very funny, i think he is gay and he should be proud. If he is not gay than maybe he should re-think the hat...

    my question is what did joseph murena put in his pants on the last night he was singing???

  2. Blogger j(aded) 

    hey there, shocked down-under to hear Mario quit the show (what a spunk!) but even more surprised at the so-called reasons. my gaydar never really tipped him to be gay but then he was my favourite so maybe there's something underlying there!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hey everyone in a bronxenia, and i know mario is not gay at all.. im from right up the way from he used to live at in fordham rd the bronx.
    so i can sincerly let all of you know he is striaght!!!!! it's a shame that everyone makes rumors without even knowing the truth.

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