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she loves the chinese.

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creepy old lady: look at you! oh just look at you. you are so handsome. i just love the chinese.

me: um.

creepy old lady: i havva chinese eye doctor, chinese glasses, my pediatrist is chinese, i just love the chinese. such good people, your people, such good people. oh i just love the chinese.

me: well.

creepy old lady: i go down to chinatown all the time, because i love them so much. so simple, those chinese people. not complicated like me and her (points to white lady smoking a cigarette outside the theatre). love the chinese!

me: i'm not chinese.


creepy old lady: well what on earth are you then? i'm dying to know!

me: i'm half philippino and/

creepy old lady: PHILIPPINO! ohhhhh.. of course. i love your brothers and sisters too, i do! so many of them work down at the fish market! have you been to the fish market?

me: no.

creepy old lady: oh it's wonderful, the biggest fish market in the world, it is. you should go. oh i just love your people. your phillipino people.

4 responses to “she loves the chinese.”

  1. Blogger whetstone 


    where did you find this woman?

  2. Anonymous s 

    i know that lady

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    So, if I eat lots of McD $meals and chase them with Apple Jacks, will I eventually look like you? You artsy guys are so funny. You had to have made this up. No one will believe things like this in the real world. Wait, I live in Boulder. You live in NYC. Nevermind.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Oh my God!! When did the filipinos take over Chinatown?? :)

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