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is mario the new clay?

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the new sexually ambiguious non-winner of american idol? who makes fun of his sexual amibiguity on television? did you see him do the top ten list on letterman? his list:

10: "Well, for starters, I was really, really drunk."

9: "I've got my eye on the ultimate prize: 'Belgium Idol.' "

8: "Yeah, my career's over, but I just saved a bundle on my car insurance."

7: "After seeing Michael Jackson, maybe I don't want to be a pop star."

6: "Ryan Seacrest [the host of 'American Idol'] is all hands."

5: "I started liking when Ryan Seacrest was all hands."

4: "Screw it -- I'm quitting this, too."

ah, and he was on regis and kelly, saying that his last job was at vera wang. hello homo. helllloooo. and he's doing more press now than ever before - girl knows how to play her cards. personal issues my ass, it's a big gay stunt to get exposure while escaping the idol contract.

meanwhile, hundreds of web hits looking for 'mario vasquez gay porn.'

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