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so i've decided it's time to finally sit down and read the harry potter books. i found the first two movies to be so dreadfully boring that i really wasn't interested in reading them for a long time. but i started #1 this week, and i'm pleased to find that it contains a humor and style that is absolutely missing from it's 'cliff's notes' film adaptation. however, i thought the third film was great. it had, like, moments, and, like, characters, and, like, style. while i'm told that it departs the most from the events of the book, it seems to stay quite true to rowling's style. looking forward to reading the rest, and happy to have joined the craze. at least i'll get to savor the anticipation of the final book.

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  1. Anonymous Todd 

    I joined the craze after the 4th book was published. If you are enjoying the first, things will only get better. Rowling has created a carefully planned plot that becomes more rich and complex with each volume. The movies fail to do justice to the written word (I know, shocking, right!?). Enjoy!

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