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'reunion' is an interesting show - it's not a great show: the concept is better than the execution, but unlike 'lost' or 'prisonbreak,' 'renuion' is building to a clearly defined ending that will take 20 episodes to get to - and it's clear from the jumps in time that the entire plot structure and timeline has been thought out pretty thoroughly. and matthew st. patrick from 'six feet under' is in it. and it's fun to see the hair/clothes and hear the music from each year, and i enjoy watching actors in their mid 20's juggle multiple hairpieces and try to credibly play 18 and 38 in the same episode. it will be interesting to see these characters turn 25, 30, 35, have kids, see the kids grow up..

and that pic of sean faris (the boy has a beauty mark. jesus) in full 'risky business' 1986 gear. hot. except for one tiny thing. can you guess what it is?


the logo is in TRAJAN.


i watched the hour recap of season 1 of 'lost,' and the premiere - yes, it's a good show. the performances are great, the cast is great, the writing is good.. it's better than prisonbreak, but suffers the same problem of being, almost literally 'gilligan's island.' it will go on forever, mystery after mystery, question after question, coincidence after coincidence until finally, as with x-files and alias, the audience gets tired or the actors get tired and they finally decide to wrap things up and cancel the show. but the coincidences that we're asked to swallow really push the limit for me - it's tempered by having a main character who is as skeptical as i am, which helps a lot - he's very easy to identify with - but if in the end we're expected to accept supernatural explanations and 'miracles'.. eh. i dunno. i'm skeptical. it's still a very watchable show, though.

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