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hell no

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well, saw 'hellbent,' the 'first gay slasher film' this weekend. i hope it's not the last, and i hope that whoever does it next (kevin williamson - you queen, know you want to, though the fabulous bitchyness of 'scream' makes it my first gay horror film) does a better job of it.

if the goal of this film was to remake, shot for shot, setup for setup, a second rate 80's horror film, clunky acting, 'run bitch' moments and all, with hot gay men standing in for nubile teen girls, then it was a very successful endeavor. if the goal was to make something that would stand as a good horror movie on it's own, then i have to say it was a failure.

and there were a couple moments of actual surprise, and a couple jokes that worked - but it fell trap to an inexplicably stupid third act wrapup that offered nothing but the same tired cliches that even the lamest horror series' save until part 3 or higher.

the boys were super cute though, and there was a weird pleasure in watching hotties decapitated.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    g-d. it was so bad. what was the killer's motivation?

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