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for some mysterious reason, hbo put episode 3 of 'rome' on demand early.. and it was great. i don't really know much about roman history, and it's awesome to be totally engrossed in a history lesson where every care has been made for authenticity, and yet remains a great entertainment. looking forward to watching the series of rome programming on the history channel this month.

both 'the comeback' and 'entourage' ended their seasons this week. i really admired 'the comeback' a lot, though it's a stretch to say i always found it enjoyable. often the show was a brilliant slow torture watching kudrow play an expertly drawn caricature of desperation. it was a noble experiment in show-within-a-show-about-a-show structure, often with great results, but i don't think i need another season of it, unless they come up with a bold new direction to take it.

'entourage' is the straight male, l.a. version of 'sex and the city.' lloyd is the new stanford. this season was great. looking forward to 'curb your enthusiasm.'

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