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trajan war

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i'll be happy if i never see trajan again. yes, it's a beautiful font, and yes, i used it a lot in my designs, and maybe one day it will look cool again, but when that day comes, in about 30 years, it will conjure memories of the 'aughts much like vavy fonts immediately conjure the 70's.

special thanks to cheshire dave for sending me his brilliant short 'etched in stone,' which addresses this plague head on.

i was telling neal about trajan over the weekend. he said he never noticed trajan anywhere before. during the course of the evening i pointed it out on two movie posters, in a movie trailer, and on a poster for billy graham on a phone booth.

and here's just a few of the current posters using trajan. some of them try to trick you by squishing or expanding the letters, but don't be fooled..

addendum: this poster is NOT in trajan! (notice the serifs on top of the 'm' and the distinctive swoop of the 'r' tail. i know it's hard when it's that tiny. bravo sony pictures, i salute you.

at least the 'sound of thunder' people played with it a little bit.

this is, otherwise, a brilliant poster.

or, basically every movie that's not a comedy.

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