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meeting the man

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went to an awesome event last night at the ziegfeld theatre to promote this book of the star wars prequel costumes by trisha biggar. it was part of fashion week, so they had models wear the signature costumes of the trilogy and walk the catwalk just as in a fashion show.

when i arrived, there were so many seats available that the door nazis weren't even checking the list - i walked into the theatre and tech crews were still adjusting lights and doing a sound check. i took a seat right up near the front of the catwalk. it looked like the show wasn't actually going to start for another 45 minutes or so. i casually read my book, and nearly fell asleep in my seat waiting for it to start when my friend emily called asking if she would be able to get into the event. i said 'yeah, there's tons of seats and they're not even checking the list, so just come over!'

after i hung up with emily i heard a commotion behind me. a silver haired man was walking down the aisle, directly towards me, flanked by banks of photographers on either side. holy mo-hamma wowza goo fa hoompa it was george lucas. he walked over to his seat a row down and across the aisle from me. what? how can this be? and there's hardly anyone here! and it was the one day i didn't have my camera in my bag!

it was at about the point that i recognized rick mccallum, producer of the prequels, taking his seat next to george, that a second commotion was occurring behind me. and wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt under a slick gray blazer was the hottie himself, hayden christensen. (cue angel chorus)

emily arrived. i said look over there. she said holy crap. she said and this is the one day i don't have my camera on me. crap. she called work and ran across the street to pick up one of the digital cameras from her office. when she got back, the show was about to get started, but after the show she managed to snag one shot of lucas, hayden, and the white haired guy next to hayden is.. (cue raider's march)

john williams. hayden and lucas were too protected by the various bouncers for us to get in close, but after the show john williams was in the aisle talking to people and signing autographs. i shook his hand, and as is always the case when i meet someone who i have utmost respect for, didn't know what to say. i mumbled 'you're it's peration. inspiration. you're um work has beenspiration.' he said thank you very much.

let's look at the classic themes williams' has written: NBC news theme, jaws, family plot (for hitchcock), star wars, close encounters, superman, indiana jones, et, jurassic park, schindler's list, and harry potter (his least memorable major theme if you ask me)

anyway, the show was incredible. the costumes look amazing in person. and that book looks really cool, except for one small detail. can you guess what it is?


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  1. Blogger jayKayEss 

    and poorly kerned, too

  2. Blogger j 

    wow, it really is poorly kerned. looks like the 'auto' setting. boo people, boo.

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