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prisonbreak is stupid

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i'm sorry. yes, he's super hot, but i just don't buy it. and they have such great actors in that show, i mean, peter stormare!? even robin tunney is above this. it's all because brett ratner's hand is in it.

but here's why i won't be watching: it's gilligan's island.

and what that means is that the show is designed with a clear goal for the main characters, but with no end in sight. i like '24' because we know that the writers are creating a full arc leading to a season climax - that each season could essentially be the end of the show, and each season starts anew.

with this premise - what, are they ever gonna get out of prison? if the x-files is any example, we wont see any resolution until the ratings are so low that no one cares any more. at least the structure of the x-files allowed the larger arc to take a back seat to individual cases - here, all we're gonna see is how week after week he gets really close and then fails.

now, if this was a cable show - say, on hbo, we would know that there would likely be a five or six season arc designed, which would build to logical, cathartic conclusions, like watching a very big novel. but with network dramas, the chief concern is not to get cancelled - and those decisions aren't usually made until halfway through a particular season, at which point a finale episode is hastily tacked onto the existing show. sometimes, though, a network drama will end because the lead actor has decided not to renew their contract.. (this had disastrous results with x-files. once duchovny was out, they should have written a final season to accomodate it.)

on top of that, prisonbreak is perposterous. the warden pulls him out of his cell to build a taj mahal out of toothpicks? the nurse is the governor's daughter? and wentworth miller, who's hot white molten steel gaze led me to tune into the show in the first place, turns out to be like zoolander - he has one look. well, two looks: 'the look' and 'the smirk.'

i'm gonna forgo actually watching this show and just read the twop recaps instead.

that tattoo is pretty cool though. did they really have to use the tacky photoshop 'lens flare' feature, though? and what's with those pants?

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