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the new powerbooks are out.

i just put a gig of ram in my 12in powerbook, which has since been running very smoothly. it's all i need for now - but higher resolution screens at that size would look just awesome. it's not quite worth it to upgrade yet. i think i've got another year, year.5 with this baby before trading up.

i'm trying to get out of the habit of holding onto technology until it becomes a dinosaur, getting left in the dust, then upgrading suddenly and slowly disappearing into obscurity again. i mean, i was one of the last people to switch to system 10. i still had a beige snap-top box when everyone else was on a slick candy colored imac.

what this means is i have to take better care of my gadgets, and quickly resell them while i still can. thanks to the ipod tattoo stickers, my photo ipod is still in pristine shape - all ready for some lucky craigslister.

macintosh has been with me since 1984, the beginning. i remember when my dad brought home a mac plus, and i played for hours on macpaint. the black and white screen, with pixels that seemed absolutely tiny at the time, was intoxicating. i realized early on that despite being black and white, graphics looked so much better on the mac because the pixels were square, rather than rectangular as they were on pc's and apple 2's. there was also a flight simulator program that was amazing. then the game dark castle. there's a fully functional mac se in the garage at home. one day when i have a house, i want to have it running in the corner, as a museum artifact.

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