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the apple store opening

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like a total geek i waited in line for 3 hours to be among the first people into the new apple store on 5th avenue. the first 2400 people in would get a free special edition tshirt, and every hour they would give away a new macbook. i hung out in the store for 3 hours hoping to win. i didn't. i was hungry, and decided to go home.

one thing about the apple store is that the employees are hot. it's like an abercrombie, except staffed by smart hot people, which, i have to tell you is not just overwhelming, it's downright unfair.

check out my flickr photo set documenting the cute boys, i mean the event.

while there i saw james woods, spike lee, liev schrieber, tina fey, rachel dratch, amy poeller, queer eye carson, queer eye jai, kanye west, and probably the best of all of them was triumph the insult comic dog.

the weird thing was you'd just be looking at stuff in the store, and you'd look up and see james woods browsing the ipods. totally surreal. tina fey walked by me, and i don't know what came over me but i actuallly grabbed her arm and stopped her to say TINA I LOVE YOU. she looked surprised and said thank you and ran out the door with a computer in each hand. i should be glad she didn't mace me.

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