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flying into colorado this time was awesome.. we flew directly over the grand canyon, and colorado was covered in fresh snow, with the sun shining bright.

the film festival was a great experience. i learned a lot just by watching so many other films, and was overall really impressed by the quality of the selections. john august gave an excellent screenwriting workshop, and i finally got to meet him afterwards. he was extremely generous, standing in the lobby for an extra 45 minutes, answering each and every audience question.

i was extremely nervous about showing the film, like 'i think this plane is going to crash on the landing' kind of nervous. the drenched in sweat kind of nervous. but people laughed, the response was good, there were a couple questions from the audience, so many friends and family turned out to see it, and it was, as i said before, an overall great experience.

that said, my standards of quality for the next film are much higher. i don't want to be the low budget film that -looks- low budget anymore.

i just signed up for an advanced final cut editing workshop.

i'm also taking an acting class with david mamet himself next tuesday.

submitting 'thanksgiving' to 3 more festivals. i -will- get that movie into a fest.

forward.. forward.. always moving forward...

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