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my pitch for stardom

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i dunno. maybe i undersell myself. maybe i don't give a good enough idea of who i am or what i can do. eh, who cares. do i really want to be on a reality show anyway??

it was fun to clean up requiem 3 in final cut though. amazing how much you can fix bad lighting!

2 responses to “my pitch for stardom”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    it's jdo. as a former reality tv star, please contact me before you do any of this ever again.

    the first and only rule of reality tv is to be a strong personality. t hat generally means no self awareness. no eye flutters, no "so isn't this a nice conversation", no smiles before you finish the sentence because recognize how awkward it is. total, unrelenting, absurd intensity. lots of hand motions and indications that you will cry hysterically every time you are on camera. no knowledge of the fact that anything, including yourself, is crazy. america likes watching people who don't know they are crazy on tv. and never have self contained, inwards energy. always direct it outwards.

  2. Blogger j 

    rrrgh stupid comment moderation. anyway.

    how the hell are ya jdo?

    oh dear. you're so right. i'm so wrong for this. and i guess i'm also really happy to be so wrong.

    what show were you on?


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