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sigh. i'm torn.

when entertainers like ricky martin and clay aiken refuse to answers questions of their sexuality, it is automatically seen by the majority of the public as admitting to being gay because 'who would refuse to answer a question, when the answer to it, if you have nothing to hide, would mean that you're a normal, straight, functioning member of society?'

those who refuse to answer the question, hoping to make sexuality a non-issue actually make it a larger issue because of their secrecy. in american culture, hell in human culture, basic sexuality is like gender. it's not just an issue of 'staying out of people's bedrooms,' it's a matter of identity. refusal to answer basic facts about a person's sexuality like 'who are you dating?' immediately raises suspicions. it just ain't normal!

to call sexuality a 'non-issue' and then refuse to answer questions about it is hypocrisy.

republican senatorial candidate mark foley is the latest in the public spotlight crying 'non-issue' from his closely guared closet. he decries all rumors about his homosexuality as a smear campaign launched by zealous democrats, but then refuses to state publicly that he is straight. if he were really straight, he would laugh at the whole thing, because to be called one thing when you're completely another is funny.. then he would have a casual press conference like mike piazza and calmly state 'yes, folks. uh, i don't know where you got this idea, but me loves pussy. sorry for the confusion.'

he must be so angry that his camp roasted clinton over white lies regarding sex.. now he can't tell the tiniest lie about craving boobies because it'll all come back to slap him on the ass. and not in the good way.

so i'm torn. i would love for homosexuality to truly be a non-issue. like racism; i'd love to erase the history. but you can't. an inequality exists, and to deny it is a blatant attempt to use liberal idealism to cover your own self-hating culturally programmed-to-be-shameful ass.

i get letters from people asking 'does it even matter if he's gay?' or course it does. because anytime someone respected truly believes their sexuality is a non-issue (like ian mckellen, and barney frank - talented folk who are not defined by their sexuality) then the rest of the world will start to believe it too.

clay, ricky and mark: i wish you could cry 'who cares?' and truly have the world not. i understand that it allows you to have it both ways; you don't have to lie, and it allows women to maintain their fantasies. just stop pretending you live in a world that doesn't care. you are the boys who cried 'no sheep!' while wearing wolves' clothing. and not even good wolves' clothing - you can totally see the zippers n' shit.

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