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in the end this will all be worth it. i've been working 40/hrs a week for the last year with no health insurance and no sick or vacation pay. it's time to pony up and get what i can get.

i watched the first episode of sex and the city last night. they talk to the camera. very weird. glad they cut it. it was like the first episode of 'six feet under' with those commercials that didn't quite work.

today i was talking with some members of the theatre company and in describing someone i found myself using the phrase 'well, someone has to be the omarosa.'

the woman has entered the cultural lexicon.

in other news i auditioned to be the asian carson daly yesterday for a new all-asian television network premiering in august. it was fun. i had to do a camera test while reading the top five videos off of cue cards and riffing on the bands, making up facts about them and riling up the imaginary 'trl' crowd. how much would i love being able to quit my new perm job to be an asian tv personality? a whole damn lot, that's how much.

the network is called 'imaginasianTV.' which makes me cringe to say it. and it makes everyone cringe when i tell it to them. and i bet you just cringed when you read it, right? hint: don't give your national network a name that makes people cringe. it's right up there with 'gay-sian' 'decorasian' 'decoriental' and 'rice queen.' god, no term gets me more furious than 'rice queen.' ick. it makes me think of my mother, presiding over the rice paddys she grew up in with a crown and scepter.

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