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sexuality and ethnicity

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there are now nearly an equal number of searches to my blog for the names of american idol contestants and 'ethnicity' and there are for (insert ai contestant here) and 'gay.'

people want to know: is jared yates gay and hispanic? judd harris? homo italian? it is hard to tell, in this post-ethnic world, where names and facial features and skin tones no longer match up. my ethnicity detector is not as tuned as the gaydar, so i couldn't tell you polynesian from portugese, but i can tell you they are both certified hot dog inspectors.

i'm actually kind of impressed. 'ethnicity' is the correct word to use. so many people just do not know how to ask this question. i can't tell you how often i'll be at a party and someone will ask me 'so where are you from?" and i'll know instantly what they're really asking. i'm a bitch though and i always say 'colorado.'

i went to a big gay after-work mixer last night. everyone had a name tag with our professions written on it in black magic marker. mine said 'graphic designer.' there's nothing more fascinating that watching someone's face drop once they glance down (trying not to look like they're glancing down) and read that thing. you can almost hear them say 'oh. and you looked so promising too.' 'graphic designer' gets an even worse response than 'actor' did! next time i'll try 'producer.' or maybe 'cartoonist.' really i should just put 'hack.'

ps: dolan, you are fucking brilliant. the genius of your last blog entry screams to be made public.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Interesting that you think "ethnicity" is the "right term" to use, since its meaning boils down to "not white." It creates the kind of right/wrong, black/white, white/other binary that should make politically correct pedants cringe.

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