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i've been especially irritable the past couple days. i think it has to do with a combination of a lack of food and sleep. and the ridiculous thing is that both of these things are totally in my control. so succumbing to a bad attitude is a totally selfish, destructive thing to do, and observing it in other people, i don't have any patience for it, which just irritates me more. must break the cycle!

i was so irritable that:

i yelled FUCK YOU! to a car turning into my crosswalk. i am never that guy.

i got a spam email which the gmail filter didn't catch. so i called the number and left a message saying "hi my name is joe larue, i live in brooklyn and i just received a spam email from your company. i'm just calling to tell you that you can go to hell, and you can all go fuck yourselves, thank you very much."

and i got to that place where everything everyone says is stupid and wrong and jesus it's not even worth my time to explain to you why so i'm just going to walk away.

i didn't quite reach the ultimate level, which would be the now infamous "hong kong bus uncle." i mean, this guy is a total asshole, just insufferable. but boy, i do know where it comes from.

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