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so it was only this weekend that i discovered that i had set my blog so that comments must be approved before being posted.. and i foolishly assumed that i would get an email from blogger whenever there was a comment awaiting approval.

no. i've only just found that there were over 60 comments awaiting approval from months and months ago, many of them from old friends who i've lost touch with, who were contacting me for the first time in years!

aurggh! i feel awful! i'm so sorry! i've turned comment approval off!

in other news, i've just wrapped principal photography on my short film directing debut (not a requiem project, i mean a real short film, with like, a crew, and like, a script, and like, actors, and like, production values)! it's called 'thanksgiving,' is written by and stars neal utterback, along with smoking hot actor/model vincent de paul. i have a small cameo as well. it's an awesome, hot, funny, little gay story that i think can get great play at film festivals, gay film festivals, and horror film festivals. i learned so much about the process of -really- making a movie, and learned just how much planning, time management, and clarity of vision is required. can't wait to get a rough cut done and get this puppy through post. updates and pics coming soon!

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