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tolerate mornings

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this commercial is pure genius. i wasn't sure where it was going, but once the title card comes up, all is clear, and boy did they nail it. the hairstyles, the jazz hands, the butterflys coming out of insane smiley faces - brilliant.

i love this new trend in advertising that downgrades a product's promise to what it actually will do - they're not promising to make mornings a sunny snuggly experience, no, drinking folgers will merely make it tolerable, which is all you can expect from any coffee, which is honestly a pretty refreshing message.


it's kind of disturbing when you have clothes in your closet old enough to now be back in style. but also kind of cool to be able to trot them out again.

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  1. Anonymous Michael Ditto 

    I laughed my ass off when I saw that commercial. Especially the hung over guy taking the morning wizz while the creepy smily singers peek in through the window. Classic.

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