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well, i've got a car again! i pick him up today. the previous owner referred to it as a female, but for me, she's getting a sex change. it's been a lonnng time since i had a car - 1998. and the last time i made a cross country voyage, from florida to new york, i accidentaly drove my uhaul truck off of a bridge. oopsie. hopefully that won't happen again. i need to come up with a name for the little blue guy. ideas?

something is wrong with my video camera. the record head gets dirty extremely easily, puts grey bars across the image, and the sound cuts in and out. it's extremely frustrating, since i've been planning to record my cross country voyage, post video blogs, and make short films with my friends along the way. will see if a heavy duty cleaner cassette does the trick.

4 responses to “my new baby”

  1. Blogger whetstone 

    he reminds me of a lozenge. but he will be your passageway from one place to another. i think you should call him Hall (like halls cough drops, only singular) and refer to actions involving him as if he were a passageway...

    it's a long haul, a week long walk down the hall to california.

    you need a hall pass.

    if you don't behave, you're going to have to go sit in the hall.

  2. Blogger Jackie 

    i was trying to think of something clever and nothing was coming to me. sorry. but i am jealous. i want a car. and really? you ran your uhaul off a bridge?? can't wait to see you!

  3. Anonymous Celester the Molester 

    for some reason the name RAMON popped in my head. that's "Rrrrrah-mON" (with the stress on the 2nd syllable) pronounced only with a spanish accent.

  4. Blogger j 

    yep. i went right off a highway bridge, thankfully landing on the on-ramp, and thankfully the on-ramp railing kept me from going over a cliff. it was one of those moments when i vowed never to drive again. so much for that!

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