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freshman 15

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it's official. my metabolism has slowed down/la is a lazier place than new york. or some combination of the two. i'm not running up 5 flights of stairs and walking 4 avenues daily anymore. and going to the gym means half an hour of trying to find parking. still haven't found the right routine, but now i have to. i'm heaver than i've ever been, and it's not the kind of weight you gain from being at the gym all the time.

my god, for years, years! i ate double meals and drank cement shakes to try and gain weight and here it is. it's seriously time to set new habits.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hey, it's A.D. I feel you, Honey. This rainy weather is wreaking havoc on my walking and biking habits. I'm not gaining serious weight yet, but I'm slowly slipping out of shape, and I know it's only a matter of time... I'm just hoping I can keep myself from panicking and going on some kind of crazy no-carb diet or something. My vanity simply cannot take love handles.

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