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well, i've had a funny way of gearing up to go. i guess most normal people would do things like, oh say pack, but i'd really just rather not bother. instead, i've taken on more projects than i can throw a usb connector cable at.

yesterday i took my final personal day to direct a crazy music video for my friend mike. at some point i'll edit it together..

been staying up until 3am most nights working on the rough cut of my -real- short film, 'thanksgiving,' which i think is gonna be totally awesome when it's done.

designing postcard and website for a play produced by my friend john.

shooting requiem #6, the final chapter of the series to take place at 89 dean street, brooklyn, and which bridges the series to be continued in LA.

just this month, i have worked as actor or director or both on 5 film projects. because if i'm gonna make this my life, i'm gonna make this my life.

still no idea what to call the 'lozenge,' which i realized after reading emily's comment, really refers to the shape of something and not necessarily whether it's meant to be dissolved in your mouth. perhaps his name will come during the Great Voyage.

i'm having a big giant party at kion lounge this friday. i can't wait to see so many of the people who have become my world here in new york. it's at 9:30! come!

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