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pulled an all nighter last night to finish a website for a friend.. it's good busy, though. definitely good busy. back on set tomorrow to help load out..

i've now had my car for about 1 month and i've had 4 parking tickets, one of which was handed to me exactly 30 seconds after i purchased the car. larry, who was a sport, split the cost of the ticket with me. parking tickets are a way of life out here, apparently. it's so frustrating though. the signs are hidden, or have been removed, but ignorance is no excuse. i suppose they can be contested, but how much effort is it worth? my broke ass might have to fight, though.

my car has a name, and identity now. he is R2D2's exact shade of blue, and i imagine him as the trusty, clunky droid that always comes through. i think they definitely look similar. i dub thee "R2."

see, they're friends.

2 responses to “so goddamned busy”

  1. Blogger jnkiefer 

    Have you seen my 'myspace' picture? It is not me, but my favorite new toy- artoo-potatoo. I have him on my desk at work. I know, I am that cool. I also have Darth Tater and Spud Trooper. Mr. Potato head never looked so good.

  2. Anonymous Erica 

    I am glad you have been busy! I have been away on holiday but have read through your posts now and I loved the poetry blog, will check it out frequently!

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