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talent, team, luck, and drive

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making choices.

why aren't there more of life's lessons geared toward preparing us to make choices? where is the fairy tale where cinderella has to choose between two princes, she can't decide and a magic mirror shows her life with each of them, and then shows her life when she made no decision at all and she's become the cat lady from down the street?

i made my choice, and god was it difficult - there have been a lot of hard choices on this journey, and none any easier than the one i just had to make.

i just officially turned down the job. and the best part of it is that she totally understood my reasons, and liked me so much that she offered to forward my resume to a producer she knows. amazing. i'm floored. who knows what might come of it, but there's a lesson right there. she said 'the fact that you made this decision confirms everything i thought about you when you came in. you know what you want to do, you're capable, and you 'get it.' you were my first choice, and you could easily have taken this job, toiled away at it for awhile and then left.'

everyone i talk to out here (and in new york when i first got there) places a lot of weight on 'luck' as a factor in becoming a success. but luck is really truly only one of 4 factors: talent, team, drive, and luck..

(stolen from the book 'shine' by larry thompson, NOT by star jones. - he uses the word 'rage' in place of 'drive,' but i don't think it quite describes what he means)

it was lucky that i received the email telling me about this job. beyond that, putting together my resume, having the best interview i could, and having the drive to know what i truly want were all in my control - and as a result, i have someone new on my team, who wants to help me. luck is truly mysterious but you have to be ready for it when it comes, and the ways that it might come are so roundabout that you can never count on it. you can only count on what's in your control.

it may not get any easier, ever. but at least i know that i can do it.

2 responses to “talent, team, luck, and drive”

  1. Blogger Marissa 

    i'm so proud of you, joe! i really, really am. this post is a huge inspiration to me -- i relate so well on wishing i could see all the possible paths my future COULD hold, and then choosing the right one (or the path i think suits me best). but i suppose life is all about flowing, and just moving forward, and making decisions in the moment that seem right for us at that instant.

    good for you in making the right choice; you're already off to a great start there, with some great new contacts.

    no matter what you're going to be a success, because you already ARE a success!


  2. Blogger Erica 

    Already you have an ally in LA - you are being honest with yourself about what you want and honest with other people, and this can only bring the best for you.

    Your talent and ambition will drive you even further, also because you are not scared to say no to an opportunity when you know that it isn't for you.
    And you are a success already thanks to all the good choices you have made so far and if you think back at a bad choice you took, what was the worse that happened?

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