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day eight: another movie, and a cold

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i'm getting sick! which is incredibly frustrating. you know what? i blame kansas. just because. i have a cough and a sore throat, which is a really shitty thing to have in the dead of summer.

spent the day shooting a short film with my dad, which was difficult because the actor was an hour late, and it was already a stretch to get the whole thing shot in the 4 hours we had. i shot it on the fly, like a requiem movie, and we were able to pretty much finish on time. it should be pretty cool when it's all cut together.

boulder is a crazy crazy town. it's disturbingly clean, and people are friendly to the point of creepiness. it really is it's own hidden mountain paradise.. if it weren't for the winters, i'd probably settle down here someday. as it is, i'm content to use it as a summer home.

2 responses to “day eight: another movie, and a cold”

  1. Blogger whetstone 

    Ooh, sorry about the cold. I found out only recently that for me putting tea tree oil in my ears at the first sign of an itch at the back of the throat (colds usually start that way in my case) will head the thing off. I usually just douse a q-tip with oil and use it to clean my ears out as deeply as I can stand. And then I go to sleep. Probably too late this time, but keep it in mind.


  2. Blogger Marissa 

    what a perfect thing to do -- yes, use boulder as a summer home. so gorgeous there! feel better -- no cold's gonna stop you on your road to freedom! xoxo

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