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day one: departure

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spent all of yesterday packing, and running around the city doing last minute errands.

rob gave me a mix cd of specially selected travel music. neal gave me a copy of 'on the road,' which i've felt i've needed to read my entire life, so i bought the audiobook of it to listen to on the road. thinking audiobooks were a good idea, i also downloaded every audiobook i could get off acquisition. it's cheezy and horrible and disgusting, i know, but i got a lot of tony robbins. ok, i -know- he's a goofball, but i do believe that he have lessons to offer anyone seeking high level success in their life. a LOT of it is bullshit too, don't get me wrong, a whole hell of a lot of bullshit.

the journey has a few prescribed stops: chicago. nashville. kansas city. boulder. santa fe. grand canyon. maybe las vegas, though i'm really not that interested.

none of the stops are set in stone, save for boulder. i may change my mind on a whim. not sure i'll have time to hit nashville, but i think it'd be fun. it all depends on how much cool stuff i see along the way.

my goodbye party was on friday, and it was absolutely amazing, save for the few friends who were turned away at the door for wearing shorts (a development that infuriated me). otherwise, it was a truly great night. i got to see 50 of my closest friends for exactly 30 seconds!! i really think the best part of it was witnessing different groups of friends intermingle, which makes me wish i'd had a party like this a long time ago. oh hey, were you at my party? send me the pictures!!

it's now 6:35am. i hope to be on the road by 9:30.

goodbye new york. it was awesome. we're not breaking up, just taking an extended break. i have to see what else it out there, play the field. the trouble is, you're a little high strung, and though you can be pleasant for most of the year, august and february are nearly unforgivable. i will be back to visit, often.

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