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day 3: boystown and traffic

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had a great night catching up with justin, who i haven't seen or spoken with since 1996.

took my time getting moving again today. why hurry? spent some time wandering around boystown, which was quaint, yet city-like.

maybe the coziest gay neighborhood i've seen outside of provincetown. i mean, the gayness is in the archetecture of the street signs:

very fun. i really like the feel of the place. i bought a shirt, had some coffee, and hit the road again.

was driving for about 6 hours today. per max's advice, sang through all of the complete les miz, the first time i've listened to the show since, probably 1998, which was a nice reminder of how great it actually is, despite the poorly-acted travesty it became by the time it closed on broadway. it took an hour to get out of chicago, providing an unpleasant preview of the traffic hell i'm willfully submitting myself to in la. ah well..

once out of chicago, the humidity lifted, and it was finally pleasant enough to open the windows and sunroof. it felt like flying.

i stopped quite a few times, just to walk around and stretch my legs. went to arby's.

and walked around a wal-mart, just for the hell of it.

out here, in the middle of america, the lance bass cover just seems to have far more impact.

every other car has one of these ugly, but well meaning magnets.

the afternoon drive through illinois was surprisingly beautiful. the clouds gradually turned salmon, the sky became purple, the cornfields still a vibrant green, and a bright white tooth of a moon hung above. it was impossible to photograph.

day three:

2 responses to “day 3: boystown and traffic”

  1. Blogger whetstone 

    well, if i didn't know it already these last entries would convince me that you have made the right decision. you seem so awake and alive, and it's a delight to follow along with you.

  2. Blogger yeah right 

    Shiver. Your chronicles of middle america are reminding my why THEY'LL NEVER GET ME BACK THERE ALIVE!!!! Not that anyone is trying but if they were going to.

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