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day six: the long straight line

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hung out with my friend chris in kansas city on saturday. saw the cool part of the city, which is actually much more metropolitan than i expected. reminded me a lot of denver.

saw 'the descent,' which i liked quite a bit.

got started on the road early early sunday morning, and had a full day of driving, which nearly made me crazy.

kansas sucks. kansas is hypnotically lame. i had to stop three times and take naps in gas station parking lots because the monotony of the state was putting me to sleep. i also stopped to stand on top of a dirt pile and take a picture of the desolation that is kansas. it looks sort of like something the mars rover would send back. click for larger.

to make the drive worse, all through kansas are religious billboards that say things like 'pornography destroys famlies,' 'if you kill your baby, you are destroying GOD'S GIFT.' over and over again.

things got more interesting in colorado. the billboards abruptly stopped, the speed limit went up, the scenery became more interesting, and i was much closer to home. needing a break, i stopped in a little town called 'goodland,' which is a pretty lame name for a town. why not just call it 'niceplace?'

anyway, they had this crazy weird gigantic van gogh painting on a gigantic easel.

there was nothing else around to explain what it was about, just - there it is.

my favorite thing about coming home is driving in on 36, and hitting that last hill where the city of boulder unrolls beneath you, revealing itself as you hit the top. amazing.

every time i drive in, i think about how when i have a boyfriend to take home (assuming he hasn't been to boulder), how cool it will be to show him this for the first time. staying here until saturday morning, when i head off to albequerque, then the grand canyon.. then the rest of my life.

day six:

4 responses to “day six: the long straight line”

  1. Anonymous Jennifer B. 

    Uh huh, I totally know what you mean. I'm FROM Kansas and I would drive AROUND the state just to avoid that I70 drive across Western Kansas. So brutal. And the billboards are common Kansas were in Fred Phelps country after all.
    Sorry I didn't make it to your party. This now means I'll have to come to LA to visit all of you. Good luck!

  2. Blogger jnkiefer 

    Having gone to school in Missouri and going home once or twice a semester I have felt the pain of I-70 many a time. Of course, my trick was to not have a license so I could be the sleeping passenger. Kansas looks a lot better from the other side of your eyelids.

    It's really great following you across country like this. I look forward to your posts.

    Take care,

  3. Blogger Omnibozo 

    First of all, Hello Jnkeifer! Long time since I have seen you. Glad you guys connected again.

    Second... PUHLEZE! Goodland is still in Kansas... it would not be allowed in Colorado! And that was before the delicate rendering of the sunflowers ever blighted the landscape of Kansas!


  4. Blogger whetstone 

    I have to say, I completely disagree. I love Kansas. I love the flatness and the softness and the oddity the isolation breeds. I love the roadside attractions. I love the winery/gas station. Get tanked in both senses, in only one stop! How convenient!

    Seriously, Kansas was one of my favorite parts of my roadtrip to Ohio a million years ago. Wouldn't want to live there, I don't think, but driving through is heaven. It's best if you have nothing but radio, so you spend your time desperately looking for the local NPR station.

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