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can't write much now.. and i haven't written much this week..

because i went to that interview on monday, and was immediately put to work.

i'm now doing freelance graphic design for a billboard company on hollywood blvd and highland street.

my office is on the 10th floor, and from my office, i can see the entire city. i can gaze westward and see the walk of fame, the chinese theatre, the hills.. to the south, miles and miles of little white buildings poking up above the palm trees..

and i'm now a PAID production assistant for another cooking show my friends are working on.. will be helping them load in and out of location this friday and next thursday.

being busy is pretty damn great.

pics of my office view tonight/tomorrow..

4 responses to “the joys of busyness”

  1. Blogger jnkiefer 

    WOW! You move quickly! Sounds like a lot of fun, I am jealous of your cooking show help. Maybe someday I'll quit my job to get my foot in the door in TV...that would be so cool.

    I am driving around with the book I want to send you in my car in case I pass a post office during business hours...any day now...I promise. You won't have time to read it anyway by the sound of it!

  2. Blogger Marissa 

    congratulations joe!!! i told you, things are gonna start falling in your lap. you're right where you need to be! xoxo

  3. Anonymous joe 

    thanks guys! heheh jenni, send me that book! i think you would be totally awesome in the world of television.

    mariss.. did you choose??

  4. Blogger Erica 

    Hope you will love it and enjoy it so much.

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