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had yet another absolutely incredible week. max, i will update more often, i promise!

saw the film 'half nelson,' which is flawed but mostly successful, with amazing performances from ryan gosling and shareeka epps. according to my industry insider, mr. gosling bats for the pink team. ha! take that 'notebook' fangirls!

i had drinks with a friend of a friend who is an assistant to one of the writing teams on 'lost.' really fantastic guy, so down to earth, and so honest about his experiences in hollywood. he basically got started doing just what i'm doing: PA work. i got lots of inside scoop! it really was thrilling just to be so close to one of the best shows on television, one of the reasons i moved out here in the first place. very much looking forward to hanging out with him more. it's all about assembling that team, right?

another thing i love about being out here is that most of the people i've met have been extremely articulate when discussing film and tv. it's so refreshing to engage in conversation with people who have a shared vocabulary - there's no backtracking, no catching up - you can get straight to the ideas.

spent most of saturday at the getty museum, built high on a hillside, overlooking the city. stunning. the design of the place looked like something out of 'myst,' and there was some pretty great art as well, most notably, my mom's favorite painting, 'irises.'

saw a local production the play 'corpus christi' by terrence mcnally. overall i was impressed by the talent, especially given that this is not a theatre town, a fact i'm reminded of every time i tell someone i produced theatre in new york city.

"oh. (slightly patronizing look) well. you'll find this isn't much of a theatre town." but actually there does seem to be quite a bit going on, and now that i've moved here, i actually have the chance to see two things i desperately wanted to see in nyc but missed: cherry jones in 'doubt,' and kathleen turner in 'who's afraid of virginia wolf.'

anyway, 'corpus christi' was pretty good, but the director got in the way of it and made me want to read the original script to see what actually is in there. though deeply flawed, it presents an interesting idea: retell the jesus story in pseudo modern times, and make him gay. started strong, final 3rd of the script was 'passion of the christ: gay edition.' meh.

oh, and did all this with mystery man..

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