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yet another beautiful weekend

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went with celeste to our friend jade's wedding in santa barbara. it was just stunning.

and spent sunday at the beach with sam, the mystery man.

4 responses to “yet another beautiful weekend”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You look stunning at the wedding! I am glad you had fun at the beach also, you must soon tell us about your mistery man!
    Santa Barbara looks great, so green, so different from the stereotypical image of California.

  2. Anonymous Jennifer 

    Jade's wedding looks like it was gorgeous, as I am sure she was. And you and Celeste look like the Asianators...just kick ass lovely. Glad to hear you all are doing well. Please give everyone my regards.

  3. Blogger DanaP 

    My God Joe, you look amazing in that pic of yourself at Jade's wedding - i don't think I have seen you look so at peace before! I am so happy for you! I need to read over your happiness list...boy I have some things to tell you! I miss you! Did you see Matt and Shoko's baby? I want to see him in person! Love you! Dana
    Can't wait to see your/our movie!

  4. Blogger Marissa 

    GORGEOUS photos, joe. seriously, so beautiful. and who is this mystery man you speak of?! details PLEASE! :)


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