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each week just keeps getting better and better.

friday i got a tour of disney studios. i met two of the writers on LOST, and toured their building. it was awesome to see where it all happens, the few rooms from which that entire amazing, astonishing show is dreamt up. as i entered, an actor was leaving who had just auditioned - i realized the room he was exiting was the room in the dvd where we see all of the main cast's original auditions. it was disturbing to be so close to something i admire so much. the atmosphere of the disney lot reminded me of david's tour of google's santa monica office: an environment designed to stimulate creativity, well being, and be considered home to people who truly love what they do. i want to work there. so so so so bad. i know desperation isn't sexy, but i want it! now!

spent the weekend in palm springs visiting my friend john, who was on vacation from brooklyn. it was my first time staying at a predominately gay resort since i went to provincetown with rob several years ago. turns out we were at a 'clothing optional' resort, which might sound fun, but it's always the people you'd rather not see naked who take the option. it was rather like an extended version of the old guys in the gym locker room, just hangin' out and, well, (forgive me) hangin' out. i opted to leave my clothes on.

the gay section of town had a 'gay mart.'

as well as 'bear wear, etc.'

i wasn't curious enough to find out just what the 'etcetera' encompasses. were i a bear, i'd be reluctant to purchase clothes from 'bear wear,' the gay equivalent of 'dress barn.'

it was dark when i drove into town, and i was worried i was on the wrong road, until suddenly there's a row of palm trees, all lit up like an alien landing strip, welcoming you to town. here it is during the day, as i was leaving.

notice the mystical ipod cloud formation. i should have stopped to get a better picture of the windmills, which are gigantic and amazing.

it's october. it was a year ago this month that i turned 30, got a tattoo, and decided to change my life completely. it seems like forever ago. i want to feel exactly the same when i hit 32.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This is such an exciting time for you, I am so glad for you. I am sure you will work in such an environment very soon, with your talent and determination everything is possible.

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