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it's my birthday week! ever since last year's extravaganza, i'm now laying claim to the entire week.

some tidbits: saw my friend kelley, who was visiting from barcelona to see her sister in glendale. her sister tutors jj abrams' kids. last time she was in town, she hung out at jj's house, met him, chatted while he talked about having to go to the premiere of m:i:iii. i hate her.

woke up saturday morning to an entire table of elaborately wrapped gifts from sam. and not just any old gifts, extremely intuitive things, like a bonsai tree, and the 5th season of 'six feet under.' so fuckin sweet.

we saw the tour of 'souvenir' with judy kaye on saturday. really amazing performance, and a fun piece that really speaks to the power of self delusion.. maybe it's not such a bad thing?

on tuesday we saw the tour of 'doubt' with cherry jones. i just really really love well-executed ambiguity, and this show had it in spades. plus she was a phenomenon, complete transformation, so honest. loved it, loved it loved it.

emily has received my las vegas entry into the tackiect gift in the world contest, so i can now post my finding. here's the top:

it hints at something classy, ritzy, well made, stylish. and then there's the front.

and here's the back.

to me, it epitomized everything las vegas - the attempt to be classy, sleek, yet comes out overblown, gaudy, overtly sexual, and is a necessary tool for alcoholics.. i only wished i could have found a gift that also alluded to the place's gross waste of money, but i suppose the actual purchase of this atrocity illustrates that well enough.

past tackiest gifts in the world:
commando in action paris for men
the horny hillbilly
ugliest t-shirt conceived by humans

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  1. Blogger mm 

    The tacky gifts reminded me of the plug-in obilisque I brought back for you from Egypt. Did that survive the multiple movings? It was cheap, so don't worry if it didn't!

    Great to see a frontal of Sam - you guys look great - I like the return of short hair Joe.

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