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hello 31, goodbye hair

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so yeah! had my official birthday party on friday night. i was a little nervous.. first time for the friends to meet sam, but it went great. i wore my empty birdcage shirt from my goodbye new york party. here's ben, sam, chad, and me...

and here's everyone at the party, taken by sam: celeste, chad, me, carla, david, and ben.

and here we are again being damn goofy.

yeah, it was definitely time for the hair to go. big, giant, frizzy mess.

3 responses to “hello 31, goodbye hair”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Happy Birthday!! Seems like you had a great time! The hair looks great also, good decision!

  2. Blogger DanaP 

    Happy Birthday again my far away friend! Thanks for the talks the other night. I have to say that the hair is a perfect picture diary of a man in transition - NYC grunge turns into California "HOT"! As always, missing you!

  3. Blogger Marissa 

    1) happy birthday again and again my favorite libra, friend!
    2) new boyfriend = yum! yay for joe! :)
    3) love, love, love the new look. hot!

    miss you, joe!!

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