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the short i did with my dad, 'loaded,' has been accepted to the boulder film festival! woohoo! it's february 15-18.. anyone in boulder to come see it?

here i am getting the second to last shot..

6 responses to “awesome news!”

  1. Blogger Marissa 

    JOE!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! :) :)
    Big things ahead...I can feel it!

  2. Anonymous Sunny 

    That's awesome! Congratulations Joe and Mr. LaRue! Is that the Fairview stage I spy?

  3. Blogger j 

    hah yes, it is FHS!

  4. Blogger jnkiefer 

    Congratulations! Did you see that Amy Fox has a screenwriters workshop that she is doing at the film festival?

  5. Blogger j 

    yes, she did it at last year's fest.. i hope she's doing it again next year!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hi joe!
    wow, thrilled for you! i've been hoping your film would get accepted. yet, i had feeling it would simply because you have worked so damn hard and your heart has stayed open. it just seemed right that you would emerge with something good. i have been reading your blog for a couple of years. i know, so, but found the blog...somehow...long ago and really liked your journey. your post-it cartoons are in my cubicle at work. they ring office life, bleh. it has been lovely to see you take such fabulous turns. i have been quietly cheering for you. told my boyfriend you got accepted adn he smiled about it. i finally felt like i should say "hi". happy you found your all manifestations. really,lovely...happy times. i watched your requiem project, too. i am posting from an i-mac with my boyfriend's short film sucking life from it. a film that required permits, poor thing. final cut! it is stopping him from finishing it, you know, tough stuff. love him so much, he worked so hard. i think he moved to another state just to avoid all the actors and people who worked on it. ;) wish he could get it off the hard drive...ha!

    best wishes.

    aren't tiny baby fingernails the coolest?

    well, cheers from the chilly midwest

    lefty (kristine)

    hoping for your happiness and lovely life suprises.

    go joe!

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