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so here's a music video i directed just before i left the city, and recently finished editing on final cut.. enjoy!

i just had this exchange, spelling out an email address for, uh, someone.

me: it's blah blah blah dot biz.
her: it's dot what?
me: biz.
her: fizz?
me: biz. B - I - Z.
her: wait. (gets pen) ok.
me: "B"
her: "D"? as in dog?
me: no. "B." "B" as in blue.
her: ohhhhh.
me: B - I -
her: "I" as in "C?"


me: uh.

what do you even do with that? 'i' as in 'C'? do you mean 'eye' as in 'see'? are you fucking kidding me? are you ancient egyptian or a developer of dingbat fonts? are you retarded?

i just spelled it again really fast. and pretended i didn't hear her.

btw: dreamgirls was fantastic.

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